Steve Brown
Steve Brown – CEO (Chief Exploring Officer)
Thanks for visiting inBangor.com! My name is Steve Brown, and I am the “CEO” – Chief Exploring Officer – and Founder of inBangor.

I was born and raised here in Maine, and with the exception of a 3-year stint working in Philadelphia I’ve lived here my whole life. Despite living in several Maine towns over the years (East Millinocket, Winn, Orono, Bangor, Springfield, Hermon, and now Lincoln), the greater Bangor community has been central for me and my family. We’ve spent our lives shopping, going to school, going to church, playing sports, buying cars, eating out, watching movies, reading newspapers, going to doctors, and watching tv in Bangor and the surrounding towns.

Since we have and continue to spend so much time in Bangor, I decided to create the inBangor.com website to highlight all the People, Places, Businesses, and Things to Do that make the greater Bangor community a fantastic place to live in, work in, or visit. I hope you’ll join me as I explore all Bangor and the surrounding towns have to offer.